Beukenhof; former friar monastery

For groups from 12 up to 250 people

When do you want go away with the group?


In the heart of the Brabant countryside, near de Loonse en Drunense duinen, groupaccommodation Beukenhof is situated. The former Capuchgin monastery became an ideal accommodation for cared group holidays, parties and other events. The modernized accommodation has several compartments at its disposal, so that groups from 12 up to 250 people can be accommodated .

The beautiful garden is an oases of peace and quiet. This calmness and the fully provided arrangements give you the feeling of just doing nothing for a while, all is taken care for. That is the feeling that life is good in the Brabant country. Because of the renovation Beukenhof is very well accessible and comfortable.

Beukenhof can be divided and so every section has its own privacy. Large groups can use the complete accommodation.

Beukenhof has 100 bedrooms at its disposal. With the capacity for 2 persons per room the standard capacity is 200 people. With that quantity the former chapel is your auditorium. With more than 2 persons per room there is a sleeping facility for over 250 people.