Meditation or workshop

The Berckt Castle, privacy guaranteed! Plenty of possibilities for your congress or workshop

The Berckt Castle exists since the 12th century. Last century it is used as a monastery. So many generations made history there. Life, work, praying. It is not just a place, it is an historic location with the spiritual mind of all that what happened there through the centuries. Who opens up oneselves will feel the spirit. De Berckt Castle is therefore a special place for reflection, meditation and inspiration.

Almost the whole 20th century de Berckt Castle was in use by monastic orders and congregations. That left its traces. For example the dance room of the Castle was rebuild to be a chapel. It is an extraordinary atmosphere, that was left behind. The tension of this centuries old location and the and the mental power of generations of inhabitants creates the chance to leave the issues of the day behind. The driveways and the canal enclose the building and give peace and security, a rare combination.

More often spiritual groups find their way to de Berckt Castle. What makes it so special? In any case it is observed that the presence of these groups has a positive contribution to the atmosphere of de Berckt Castle. It creates an atmosphere of friendliness, attention and tolerance . Who would not want that?

These groups are not only Buddhists, Christians or other andere religious groups, but also groups that presume old laws of nature or newly- discovered traditions. Is it an answer to the individualization or mental bluntness of the previous decennia?

When do you want go away with the group?