Numerous activities are possible in and around the Berckt Castle

Make your wishes known or be inspired

The Berckt Castle is the basis of your programs and activities

A stay at the Berckt Castle: first of all enjoy the ancient environment with a sense of calm and relaxation. After that your are ready for the program of achievements and challenges

There are enough possibilities in and around the Berckt Castle for achievements and challenges. But also more calm activities are an option. At the entrance of the Berckt Castle the nature reserve 'Berckterveld' begins, where you can walk six kilometers along the Meuse (de Maas) into the center of Venlo. You will not even come across a paved road. 

Below are some of the possibilities in and around the Berckt Castle. 

Estate the Berckt Castle has a beautiful 9-hole golf course. There is everything for a unique golf course: water, height, a par 3,4,5 course and lots of greenery and nature. There is a possibility to follow a golf clinic under professional guidance for the guests of the Berckt Castle. 

In collaboration with Action Dome complete programs can be arranged, from crossbouw shooting to buggy rides. Besides what is offered on the website, the staff of the Berckt Castle has a large network of artists and companies than can play a role in your program. 

Every year in the summer the extraordinary Open Up Festival is held at the Berckt Castle. All the details of the festival can be found by clicking on this link.

Parties and galas are very popular at the Berckt Castle. More information can be found by clicking on this link.


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