Large events, easy to organize

Make use of our 30 years' experience

Location for large groups

What could be better for a large group than to use the whole estate? Create your own world at the Berckt Castle.

Step into the world of yesterday and make time stand still. Create the exact atmosphere you have in mind. Only the canals are your limit. It's going to be a memory for years, for your guests as well! In case of exclusive use, many things are possible in terms of decoration, program and menu. The new hall has a capacity of over 1000 people. This means that events will always take place, either inside or outside - truly unique!

All parts combined, the Castle, the Manor House, the gardens, the bars, the forrest and the facilities make a great entertainment centre with each area its own atmosphere. Whatever combination you make, it always fits. With a large dose of inventiveness, flexibility and sense of freedom the Berckt Castle is ready for a new era.

When do you want go away with the group?