60 - 200 Persons

Napoleon hall

Large hall built with raw materials such as granite and oak wood. The part of the Manor House for daily life.

The Napoleon Hall has a very own atmosphere. Many of the materials have been obtained by reusing materials from other historic buildings. The floor is to a large extent a mosaic from recycled natural stone. The 'Edge of Tajiri' reminds of the famous Japanese artist who stayed in Baarlo his last years. The room name derives from the fact that Napoleon with his armies marched across the road along the Berckt.

The room has a modern audio / video system and a professional projector. The old-fashioned beer tap off the wall and the presence of a large outdoor terrace, with possibility of campfire, still provide some extra features for this part.



When do you want go away with the group?

Cradle to cradle

 The environmental friendly building style makes the Manor House into an example of reuse which is referred to as Cradle to Cradle: the wall stones are submitted from the old city wall of Venlo, a maximum of natural materials such as natural stone and clay is used. The art paintings were created with paint submitted from the recycling station. The floor of the Napoleon room is partially composed of smooth granite and partly from recycled natural stone.