Estate de Berckt

Create your own world at the Berckt Castle.

250 - 1200 Persons

Estate de Berckt

What is more appealing then to use the entire estate with a large group? Create your own world at the Berckt Castle.

The castle, the Manor House, the ten cafes and bars, the gardens and all the facilities combined, the estate turns into a complete entertainment center with the desired atmosphere behind every door. Due to the endless possibilties the estate is also the perfect place for an exhibiton or as a business centre 
The combination of business and leisure is what makes the Berckt Castle unique. We are ready for a new era.

Multi-day events make the stay complete

Spend the night in one of our hundred guest rooms or on our own camping area suitable for tents, campers and caravans. We have a partnership with closeby operaters for an extra 50 rooms and 200 chalets. Our meeting rooms can hold up to 600 people. Our newest project just finished: a large yet cozy hall for up to 1200 people. [Link to Grote Zaal]
The Berckt Castle recently won the title of "most innovative leisure company of Netherlands". Innovative to us means: How can we make the stay of our guests the best experience. How can we, for the time of stay, step into another world?

When do you want go away with the group?

The facilities of Estate De Berckt

The estate breaths the atmosphere of days gone by. Walking paths, places to explore, a beautiful golf course, private forests. All arranged for your convenience. At exclusive use, you can customize the estate to your own idea and taste, also in combination with the program and the meals. This offers great opportunities!

Communal spaces

  • Ten seperate cafes. Every cafe has its own atmosphere.
  • All areas belong to your group only. Create your own world at the Berckt Castle.
  • Coffee and tea supplies can be arranged at various places.
  • TV, video, stereo with various programs in several rooms.
  • Music computer Maxx-Music in one place and the Karaoke-installation in the other.
  • iPod, iPhone, iPad, laptop, or mobile sound carrier can be connected.
  • Meals in the restaurant, optionally also in the beautiful courtyard.
  • Wireless internet via our own free WiFi network.


  • Total sleeping facilities for more than 1000 people.
  • 68 rooms in the Castle.
  • 63 rooms in the Manor House.
  • All rooms are for 2 up to 4 persons, according to desire and budget.
  • 100 places for tents and caravans.
  • 50 rooms extra at a nearby company.
  • 200 chalets extra at a nearby company.

Outside area and activities

  • Large courtyard with outdoor seating.
  • Large terraces at various places around the Castle and Manor house.
  • Canal and various water ponds, large shoal of Koi carps in the canal at the Manor house.
  • Several hiking routes
  • Hiking in nature reserve "Berckterveld" which starts at the Berckt and routes through Venlo.
  • Views on the "Maasdal", the valley between the estate and the Maas river.
  • Large variable option for camping on site, including professional sanitary facilities.
  • Various places outside to have a meal or barbeque.
  • Event site, also for temporary pavilions.
  • Easy access: parking space for up to 800 cars.


  • Our own lawns and sports facilities.
  • Beautiful 9 hole golf course with Green Fee. Options to book a golf clinic for your group.
  • Also recreational golf course for footgolf and frisbee golf.
  • The Berckt Castle is directly near one of the bicycle junctions of the north of Limburg. Bike routes can be downloaded on
  • Vaults tour in the vaults of the Castle. 
  • Complete outdoorprogram, paintball, jeep safari in cooperation with
  • Various games available.
  • In addition of fun nights there is karaoke and the Maxx-music computer.