Spiritual groups

Ommerborn Monastery was always a beacon in the Bergisches Land.

The fathers brought education and development in the Bergisches Land, not far from the episcopal city of Cologne. Many students have started their career there in or outside the church. The use of the monastery has now been adapted but the atmosphere has remained. Where for years meditation and praying, the atmosphere of devotion and reflection was still felt. In this environment your group will enter in a different time.

The beautiful location makes the stay complete

Ommerborn Monastery is located in the middle of the protected nature reserve. The deer walk through the garden. The absolute silence is striking which makes the chirping of the birds almost painful to your ear. The terrace garden lies against the hill and offers a pleasant opportunity for sitting or meditation. In the immediate surroundings are hundreds of acres of woodland and heathland with numerous roads and paths.

Whoever enters the monastery often meets himself.

When people enter a monastery they often also enter their own past. The Rich Roman Life then evokes all kinds of memories. That is of course the case with Ommerborn Monastery. The silence, the monastery, the location, the nature and the past; they give a face to spirituality.

When do you want go away with the group?