Nature lovers and hikers

A private domain in a beautiful nature area

You can not really get lost in the vast forests and nature reserves around Ommerborn. In addition, in the surroundings of Ommerborn Monastery are several picturesque towns and of course the hill country with babbling brooks and often wide views.

The beautiful location of the monastery completes your stay with your group

Ommerborn Monastery is located in the middle of a protected nature reserve. The deer walk through the garden. Striking is the absolute silence which makes the chirping of the birds almost painful to your ear. The terrace garden lies against the hill and offers a pleasant opportunity for sitting or sunbathing. In the immediate vicinity are hundreds of acres of woodland and heath with numerous roads for walking, cycling, mountain biking. Plenty of opportunities for sporting recreation in nature.

The atmosphere of the monastery evokes memories

When people enter a monastery, they often also step into their own past. That is of course the case with Ommerborn Monastery. Ommerborn Monastery was always a beacon in the Bergisches Land. The fathers brought education and development there. Many students have started their career there in or outside the church. The use of the monastery has now been adapted but the atmosphere has remained.


More than 200 people lived in the heyday of the monastery. The best part is when you use the location exclusively with your group. Depending on your wishes there are carefully arranged arrangements, but self-catering is also possible. A well-equipped kitchen is at your disposal as well as the restaurant, party room / library, meeting rooms and a brown café. The beverage service is in consultation.

When do you want go away with the group?