Group meetings

Use the exclusive possibilities of Klooster Ommerborn with your group

You are looking for a suitable accommodation for your group? Congratulations because in Ommerborn there are so many possibilities that most wishes can be fulfilled.

Inside there are the many halls and rooms for meetings, subgroups, rehearsals of music groups and of course a spectacular party. Outside there is the beautiful nature, the large private garden and the location near the city of cologne.

The facilities of the monastery are very complete. And there is also something to choose

- arranged arrangements or self-care or combinations of both

- 60 bedrooms therefore also 1-person rooms possible

- large and small rooms and meeting rooms. Because of the multitude of separate rooms and living rooms you can always retire in peace. A lot of people together is of course cozy but for a moment rest is also good. That creates a combination that makes the stay extra attractive.

A private domain in a beautiful nature area

You can not really get lost in the vast forests and nature reserves around Ommerborn. In addition, in the surroundings of Ommerborn Monastery are several picturesque towns and of course the hill country with babbling brooks and often wide views.

When do you want go away with the group?