Out with your group in Ommerborn


Ommerborn mpnastery can be divided into the main building with all amenities and also has two apartments. Each group therefore gets its own part and the privacy is guaranteed.

Price list self-catering (two persons per room, minimum of 50 persons)
2 nights self-catering € 80 per person
3 nights self-catering € 115 per person
4 nights self-catering € 145 per person

Price list self-catering (single rooms, minimum of 30 persons)
2 nights self-catering € 120 per person
3 nights self-catering € 175 per person
4 nights self-catering € 225 per person

There are adjusted rates for larger groups and/or longer stays and/or the use of multiple rooms. Inquire about the possibilities.

Sheet package (2 sheets and a pillowcase): € 5

Depending on the high energy prices, there is an energy surcharge for heating from 1 October to 31 March.
Cleaning costs in consultation.

When do you want go away with the group?