Sister apartment

Separate area with living room, meeting room, kitchen, 6 bedrooms.

15 Persons

Sister apartment

This section is especially suitable for you with a group undisturbed to withdraw and enjoy the beautiful nature and tranquility of the environment. There are countless possibilities for this.

from the terrace you see the ballous birds and wild animals

The varied environment with variety of forest and meadow offers space for numerous bird species. That is just as good the nightingale as the buzzard, the owl or the spotted woodpecker. Especially at the beginning and the end of the day other wild animals often show themselves.

When do you want go away with the group?

Facilities of sister apartment 1st floor

Section of Ommerborn monastery that is suitable for you with a small group to withdraw and enjoy nature.

Shared spaces

  • Living room with kitchen.
  • Separate meeting room / recreation room.
  • TV / music installation in various rooms.


  • In total sleeping accommodation for about 15 people.
  • 6 bedrooms in total.
  • The rooms all have fixed sinks with hot / cold water.
  • There are sufficient toilets / showers in the apartment.

Outdoor area

  • Large terrace garden with seating.
  • Various places where outside can be eaten or barbecued, also with campfire.
  • Many hiking and playing opportunities on / in the adjacent meadows and forests.
  • Various forests in the area belong to the domain.
  • Walk and bike tours to excursions in the neighborhood.
  • Plenty of parking space on private parking spaces.


  • Own lawns and sports / games facilities.
  • Klooster Ommerborn is located on various cycling and walking routes. Most routes are marked in the field and forests.
  • Wildwatch walks in the area.
  • Visit to the cathedral city of Cologne.
  • Several theme parks nearby (such as Phantasialand).