Ommerborn monastery main building

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40 Persons

Ommerborn monastery main building

The front building has 18 rooms for a total of 40 people. 3 rooms are suitable for wheelchair users.

The front part of the monastery was inhabited by the fathers who stayed there and provided the education in the neighboring school, and were occupied with pastoral care and health care in the surrounding area. Several rooms are still original

The kitchen and restaurant are right next to the front building so you can immediately slide in for the food. During the warm summers you can of course also choose to eat outside or barbeque.

Brown cafe for cozy evenings

Of course, a stay is not complete without pleasant evenings; a snack, a drink, talking or discussing until the late hours. Be completely out of it. Having returned home after your stay is therefore not guaranteed.

When do you want go away with the group?

Facilities of Ommerborn monastery main building

In the twenties of the last century founded as a monastery and now a versatile group accommodation with good facilities and a beautiful location.

Shared spaces

  • Restaurant for 80 people.
  • Red hall for meetings and activities.
  • Several smaller seating areas.
  • Freshly prepared meals from the professional kitchen.
  • Well-arranged arrangements.
  • Wireless internet is available to a limited extent in this remote area.


  • Total sleeping accommodation for 40 people.
  • 18 bedrooms.
  • The rooms are used by two to three people.
  • All rooms have a washbasin with hot and cold running water from their own healthy water source.
  • Three rooms have facilities for the disabled and private toilet / shower.

Outdoor area

  • Large terrace garden with seating.
  • Various places where outside can be eaten or barbecued, also with campfire.
  • Many hiking and playing opportunities on / in the adjacent meadows and forests.
  • Various forests in the area belong to the domain.
  • Walk and bike tours to excursions in the neighborhood.
  • Plenty of parking space on private parking spaces.


  • Own lawns and sports / games facilities.
  • Klooster Ommerborn is located on various cycling and walking routes. Most routes are marked in the field and forests.
  • Wildwatch walks in the area.
  • Visit to the cathedral city of Cologne.
  • Several theme parks nearby (such as Phantasialand).