Reunion, families and friend groups

What could be better than to make use of the entire property with a large group? Create your own atmosphere and make use of the many opportunities and the beautiful location. 

Lingsfort is the oldest group accommodation of Arcen. As early as in the thirties of the last century, this family company was in use as a guesthouse and cafe. This cafe still exists but the number of rooms and halls have expanded. Moreover, the neighboring villa, formerly owned by a gravel baron, was added to the property in the course of time. A maximum stay is now 150 people. Even with less people you can rent the site exclusively for your group. A well-equipped kitchen is at your disposal, the main restaurant, a large hall in the sous-terrain and of course the ancient pub. You may bring your own drinks to this accommodation.

Lingsfort has a total of 37 bedrooms with an average of four beds per room, and more than ten common areas.


Lingsfort is located in the nature reserve Maasduinen between Arcen and the German border. There is a garden with its own sports facilities and 12 hectares of private forest directly adjoining. So, plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation in nature.

When do you want go away with the group?