Lingsfort exclusively

Exclusive for large groups up to 120 people

120 Persons

Lingsfort exclusively

In case your group is a little smaller you can also opt for just Lingsfort. You can go up to 120 people.

You will get a cozy well-equipped accommodation with lots of separate bedrooms and no dormitories. In addition, the communal areas are large enough for your activities.

Because of the multitude of separate rooms and living rooms, you can always retreat here in peace. Many people together is obviously nice but a bit of peace is also good. This creates a combination that makes your stay even more attractive.

Your own domain in the forest

Getting actually lost in the forests around Lingsfort is impossible, but wandering around for hours and enjoying nature is very much possible. Moreover Lingsfort is located about a kilometer from the touristic village Arcen. Enjoy nice restaurants and terraces alongside the Maas river in the centre of Arcen. 

When do you want go away with the group?


It originated in the thirties of the last century as a café with a guest house. It is now a diverse property with good amenities and a great location.

Common areas

  • Restaurant for 120 people.
  • The old Bruin Café with its authentic atmosphere.
  • Large party room with bar and sound sous-terrain.
  • 7 other lounges in Lingsfort.
  • Large living room in the villa.
  • TV and sound in various areas.
  • Well -geoutilleerde central kitchen for preparing meals.
  • Also food supply through external caterers.
  • Wireless Internet through KPN Hotspots, through Ziggonetwerk or via own free WiFi network.


  • Total sleeping facilities for more than 120 people.
  • 31 bedrooms in total.
  • The rooms are average quadruple, depending on taste and budget these can also be used as a double room.
  • Half of the bedrooms has its own shower and toilet.

Outside area

  • Large outdoor patio with seating.
  • Several additional seating areas on the property.
  • Sports facilities in the large garden 
  • Many hiking paths and gameplay opportunities in the adjacent forest.
  • 12 hectares of this forest is our own so this may also be used at night.
  • Hiking in Arcen Ravenvennen, Zwarte Water and Maasduinen.
  • Several spots outside to have diner, barbecue.
  • Good access: Parking in the parking lots.


  • Private lawns and sports facilities.
  • Soccer field, volleyball / basketball court, table tennis.
  • Lingsfort is enrouted on various cycling and walking routes. The cycling routes can be downloaded from Liefde voor Limburg website
  • Close to larger hiking trails such as Pieterpad.
  • Recreation program custom made, like paintball or a jeep safari, in partnership with Action Dome.