Spiritual groups

Spiritual groups are not bound by national borders and seasons. Participants often come from several countries and even several continents. The duration is usually also longer than a weekend or midweek.

It is therefore wise to explain us your wishes so an offer can be made. It is always important to come for a visit to experience what De Nieuwe Erf can do for your group.

De Nieuwe Erf in Diessen is situated near Tilburg in the Brabant countryside. The old farm has been increasingly used as a venue for groups who seek the tranquility of the countryside. The farm, with its binding to the land and nature, is suitable as a place where people can feel and experience nature.

Good meals (also vegetarian) and the accommodation giving the pleasant feeling that the hectic life just is not there. Many fresh ingredients are used for the meal. That gives a bond with nature.

When do you want go away with the group?