Large living room with kitchen.



The former living quarters of the farm offers room to groups from 12 up to 24 people.

Het Voorhuis was in former days the living quarter of the farm. This is the smallest compartment of the farm. You can use it with a group of 12 to 24 people.

Farmers kitchen

That does not mean that nothing happened at the kitchen table; that is where all businesses were accomplished. For who doesn't want to sit here there is the spacious living room.

When do you want go away with the group?

Facilities of Het Voorhuis

Attractively decorated and equipped with all comforts to enjoy a pleasant stay. The following facilities can be expected:

Communal spaces

  • A Private living room or café that only is used by your group.
  • Tea/coffee facilities.
  • TV, video, stereo
  • Wireless internet


  • 2- up to 4 person bedrooms
  • All rooms have a private shower and toilet.
  • All bedrooms have washbasins
  • All beds are single beds. The beds have fitted sheet and duvet; set of sheets (duvet cover/pillow case) is included in the package.

Outside Area

  • Sufficient seating outside
  • There are several terraces available, sometimes in front of the apartment or on the cozy courtyard there are several seats out of the wind
  • Nice walking routes.
  • Instead of dinner it is possible to have a barbeque outside (or under a shelter).


  • Extensive Activities program
  • Animal meadow
  • Large garden
  • Other options in consultation