Feel the spirituality you encounter in this former monastery

Beukenhof is a monastery built by the order of the Capuchins. Whole generations monks have been trained here. It's motto was "Ora et labora": Pray and work. The monastery still exudes the atmosphere of reflection and prayer. It is a suitable environment in order for your group to find a connection in this atmosphere. Many people are finding a way to spirituality now the world increasingly flattens. The monastery is the environment that completes those needs. 

For spiritual groups it is very important to stay in an environment where comprehension about the program exists as well as cooperation before and during the stay. Thus wishes regarding food (diets, preferences, dinner times etc.) can be consulted with the kitchen. In fact, vegetarian food is already a standard part of the meals at Beukenhof. Identify the needs of your group and discuss them with us. 

When do you want go away with the group?